Peer-review process

The Editors reserve the right to make a shortlist of articles, by taking into account the quality of the received papers, the general writing terms, the relevance of the topic and the editorial policy of the issues in preparation.

Later on, the shortlisted articles face a thorough selection procedure before being accepted or rejected.

The articles under analysis are made anonymous and handed over to two reviewers who will provide reports for the Editors. Articles will be accepted or rejected based on these reports. In both cases the author will be given notice.

The reviewers are highly experienced in the specific topics under analysis and in the overall editorial activity.

Within the evaluation procedure, there are several factors, both quantitative and qualitative that are taken into consideration. The main selection criteria are: scientific excellence, originality, novelty and relevance for the journal’s audience.

The Editors reserve the right to ask the authors for changes, both in form and content, whenever necessary.

The selection process may take up to 4 – 5 months.

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